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SPAM by any other name...

Whining kids and many advertisers have something in common: if they don’t get what they want, they just make more noise. Today the din of mobile advertising became even more invasive as airport billboards have been armed with transmitters to send messages to mobile phones. Is the thinking that if continually hammered, consumers will respond? Old line thinking just keeps packing the same old SPAM in a new can without realizing consumer’s have gone organic. 

The Wall Street Journal reports: Passengers waiting to board a Virgin Atlantic Airways flight at London Heathrow airport may get an unexpected invitation on their cellphone these days. Under a new advertising program, transmitters are beaming out text messages to the phones of people walking by to ask them if they would like to watch a video-clip ad on their phone's screen. The commercial, aimed at passengers in Virgin's first-class lounge, touts a new SUV, the Range Rover Sport.

Read the WSJ article (subscription required) 


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