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TV to go

Crammed tightly in my seat, surrounded by about 40 other people, I escape into a private world all my own; headphones filling my ears with song as I ride the bus. Hard to believe such an act would get any notice--were it not for the fact it happened in 1975 on my school bus.

How things change. How little we see it all around us. Someone standing around talking to themselves might land in a padded cell. Today, he’s probably on the cell phone linked wirelessly to his earbud via bluetooth.

Feel the wave; ride the wave. Here comes another...
EchoStar Communications* is seeking to make its Dish Network service more portable with PocketDish: a hand-held, portable player allowing you to watch programming on the run—after downloading it from your receiver.

Yes, I’d prefer them to play live streaming video... Just like I’d have preferred to have 15,000 songs in my pocket instead of a bulky cassette player in my book bag.

It all has to start somewhere.

* Boo-hiss to EchoStar Communications on a fumble. Dow Jones news wires carries a story about these cool new portable video players and there's not a peep about them on their site. These newswires are largely filled with company-provided press release information.

Why would anyone allow such great press not be supported with information about the product on their own web site? Or, worse: allow this to be the top Google find on the topic.

Tisk. Tisk.

By the way: what does this have to do with advertising? Just everything: if you aren't watching the waves and seeing how your customers are riding them, you could wind up lost at sea.

UPDATE (10/12/05): Dish has now posted a link on their site to a special PocketDish site. Great example of how you can use the web. Rather than incorporating a breaking new product onto your existing site, why not create one of its own and link to it from your main site. At the very least, advertising intended to draw visitors for a specific product should link to a landing page specifically designed to communicate, "here's what you're looking for and here's everything you want to know about it."


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