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It's happening again...

Nestled beneath my '66 Oldsmobile Delta 88's dashboard hung a marvel of technology granting me access to broadcasts mere mortal AM radios couldn't. It was a brave new static-free world called FM.

My FM adapter is early evidence of what is obvious to all who know me: I am an early adopter.

Live long enough and you'll see history repeat itself--and so it is with my XM Radio. When I got another cool little adapter allowing my now merely mortal FM radio to receive broadcasts from space, I thought I was out front. And, like my FM adapter, I paid good money for that gadget.

Last night, I received a broadcast email with amazing offers and about spit out my decafe latte... There, right next to the free picture phone (paid good money for mine) was FREE satellite radio. FREE!

Well that's just fine. I reccon it won't be long until my XM Radio adapter will wind up in a box along with my FM Adapter, record player, 8-Track Player, Cassette Recorder, VCR and analog television...

And in case you're wondering why you can now buy a DVD player at the grocery store for $29 (like I did last week), you better read this.


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