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The age of SISOMO

No rules. No formulae. No best practices. It's a new world and no one has a clue.

That's the take Saatchi & Saatchi CEO Kevin Roberts puts forth in a presentation made in his keynote address to Ad:Tech. He sees us living in an age of screens where SIght, SOund and MOtion (SISOMO) have converged to create a new advertising landscape; "good stories well told, emotion, humor and music--in other words, sisomo." (See an excerpt of his presentation here.)

While he packages it nicely, what Roberts sees as new are timeless principles in a shiny new wrapper. Calling for making emotional connection in advertising is about as edgy as me telling my 3 year-old to "use your words." (instead of sounds and pointing)

He makes an important: we've moved from permission marketing to attraction marketing. ASKING consumers to please give us their time (permission marketing) is a quaint notion rooted in an era when we HAD time to give. In the compressed age we're living in, ATTRACTING consumer attention means giving them a more appealing idea capable of preempting the one they have now.

Here's a hint: the idea they'll find more appealing is not about you.


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