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100,000,000 and counting

Overviewbghand_2 We should all have this kind of success. Apple sold it's 100-millionth iPod. How many did they sell because of discount sales? Did detailed ads explaining the many features and functions put them over the top?

Five-and-a-half years of iPodding demonstrates the effectiveness of attraction marketing. Teathered in our ears, iPods deliver choice in our hands; extreme intimate connection--personalized.

Choice is proof you've become transparent to consumers;  turning over the reins of control. It's actually more a case of admitting control has been taken. iPods don't come pre-loaded. They're individual expressions of their owner. (The only condition is digital rights management (DRM), a condition imposed by the music industry likely to pass into history soon.)

iPods are all about salience: choice of song without obligation to an album, choice of genres, sequence, etc. They're examples to all of us what's possible by truly understanding customer desire and helping satisfy it. Do that and they'll say thank you 100-million times.


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