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Foundational Truths

Truthinspiration_2 "But most important of all, the truth, that dangerous stuff,
became beautiful and more precious."     —John Steinbeck

If you and I are going to build a relationship, you should know where I'm coming from. We all have guiding principals, foundational truths. These are mine:

Before you can influence, you have to attract. To attract you have to offer something of genuine value to the recipient. Continued attraction is a measure of value-transfer. Value-transfer happens when your message gives the recipient something relevant, prompting them to ask:

Can I use this?
Does this seem genuine? Real?
Can I do it? Have it? Be it?

Yesses make deposits in the first bank of TRUST. Trust diminishes resistance. Influencing behavior has less to do with persuasion than overcoming an innate resistance to taking action. Action leads to conversion.

These truths are the foundation of MogerMedia's creative messaging philosophy. I don't need to work hard looking for examples of these principals at work; they pop up unprompted often enough. I focus instead on understanding application of these principles and bridging the gap between you and the consumer.

Time was my goal was to close sales. The IRS tells me I was pretty darn good at it. Today, closing seems a limiting concept. No longer do I encourage closes. Instead, I nurture conversion.

Words mean a lot. You'll hear me say that often because life keeps tossing examples at me where good words led to good, and vice versa.

Consider conversion vs. closing. The two terms evoke such different energy. They also provide a glimpse into a wholly different school of thought, one that keeps teaching me, and my team, new lessons daily. You and I will discuss this more, soon.


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