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Location. Location. Location.

Highres_624733 That old real estate maxim applies to the location of your ads within a cluster of ads, or pods.

For years media buyers have maintained the first position in a commercial pod is best. Now, Magna Global proves it: the first minute in a broadcast commercial network television commercial pod is  about 3 percent higher rated than the overall pod, and for cable, it was 6 percent higher.

This research break out from Nielsen's numbers gives new importance of auditing media invoices. It's not just the program, nor the block, but your place in the block.

What matters is measured. Radio, tv and cable operators know the value of position within pods. They won't bring this up. They'll respect your investment more when they know you inspect their invoices every month. We find errors in about 30% of the invoices we audit each month.

Building relationship with our media partners is an invaluable extension of attraction marketing; auditing media invoices and enforcing placement parameter creates high awareness inside the four walls of the media partner. When you matter there, your message gets better placement.

The life-cycle of a media placement isn't finished till the invoices are audited and adjustments negotiated. If you don't have time to do that, you shouldn't be buying your own media.


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