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Wider Web Watching

Photoproduce My 13 year-old son burst from boy's sizes to men's in one summer. In the blink of an eye he sprout like  prize-winning produce at the county fair. Online video consumption experienced that kind of growth spurt in the last year. The kind of video being consumed is provides a clue on how you can tap the power in this trend.

Eighty-four percent of consumers surveyed recently by Advertising.com said their viewing of online video in the last year either increased or stayed the same. The survey reported the most viewed category was news clips (49%) followed by music videos (47%) and movie trailers (33%). TV programming and user-generated video accounted for 26% and 21% respectively.

Before you can influence consumers, you have to get their attention. Attracting that attention boils down to saying something interesting to THEM. News clips were the top viewed category because we feel connected to news. Meanwhile, network television programs ported to the web only edged out user-generated video by 5%.

Get the point?

Your customers want it real and it better really relate to them. Lucky for you, getting video online is easier than ever. With a meager investment, you can establish relationship with customers face-to-face.
Yes, production values are a factor--but not the most important factor.

Good now beats perfect later.

Here's a simple suggestion: get a laptop with a camera (THIS one rocks) and record a video welcoming customers. Using Google Video, YouTube, Brightcove, or other video sharing service, you can load that video onto your site and give visitors a genuine human welcome.

Whether you go it alone, or need help, getting started is what matters most. From the shameless self-promotion department: If you'd like our help, we can provide you the support appropriate to your need: from consultancy to turn-key.


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