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Words matter

Bulletrifle221aA bullet doesn't discriminate; it goes where it's sent and does what it was made to do. Choosing words are like loading the right bullets; choose the right ones and they'll deliver regardless of where you aim them.

Good web copy is good radio copy is good tv copy. Words are agnostic beasts, carrying their meanings without regard to placement. When you string the right ones together, the result is killer creative that punches through no matter how or where you aim it.

Testing creative to determine optimal click-through, VideoInsider reports an advertiser discovered that repurposed broadcast spots out performed web-only video by 25%. Similarly, they reported standard JPEG and GIF ads outperformed rich media placement.

It's not the media, it's the message. Messaging is everything. Delivering salient, relatable meaning  attracts attention; attention leads to action.

The same study found ads with clear call-to-action and benefit statements out-performed others by a two-to-one margin. Thus, a core tenet of Attraction Marketing is reinforced calls-to-action only connect when benefits are believable and relevant.

So what?
What's in it for me?
Why should I believe it?

These are questions being asked of your creative. Tie down the unanswered questions and your messaging's effectiveness will rise. If the answers are elusive, we can help uncover them for you and build messaging that attracts because it matters.


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