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747,000,000 mice a clickin'

Xin_4405040210506162865733_3 You are not alone. As you read this 747-million others are pointing and clicking their way around the net according to USA TODAY. How much has the internet changed everything? Yesterday Rupert Murdoch's News Corp made public their desire to acquire Dow Jones, parent of The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and other publications.

The bigger part of the story: the acquisition's greatest value isn't the paper, but the online element.
Jack Welch, former head of GE said on CNBC, that more than half its revenue comes from The Wall Street Journal's online edition.

Points and clicks have greater value than paper and ink. Add that to the mounting evidence of how attraction marketing is changing everything--especially how customers interact with you.

Take a 2x4 and whack yourself on the side of your head. The sensation you feel is the same one Jack Welch's news should give your business senses:  ignore attraction marketing at your own peril.

The web is built on searches; relevant results, salient answers. People operate the same way; we move toward that which resonates in us. The web just makes our unseen nature obvious to the naked eye. Attraction Marketing is the art of seeding your messaging with the sticky scents which attract your customer.

Blasting your message via broadcast, or using broadcast methodology in the interactive world, might get short-term results. But, it will be an expensive lesson in how to get it now and lose it long term.

Effective long-term ROI today is built by generating consistent attraction in your messaging. We know this because it's what we do.

BY THE WAY: News Corp may or may not be successful in their bid to get Dow Jones. Their success or failure doesn't undermine the epiphany delivered by their actions.


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