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Knowledge begets understanding

Mgmwebscreensnap_2 You can't really know a man's struggle till you run a mile in his Nikes. My aching feet will testify: it's true. The past three weeks have been a black hole on my calendar with my company's new website at the center. Now I get why we get hired.

While clients hire us for many reasons, at the bottom is having someone on the outside looking in. I've looked in on project after project with this knowledge.

The reason our update took years is because we're busy working on clients' projects instead. Turning within to do it was so grueling, I wonder if that was a reason or an excuse. I also wonder why anyone would choose to do it themselves.

Knowing your business provides unmatched product knowledge. And, If product knowledge alone drew customers, I'd be doing something else for a living. People's behavior sprouts from their life experiences. When you invite people based on your own, people like you show up. That's great--if you don't mind missing the rest.

Running your business is your core competency; ours is attracting people to it. I had knowledge of that concept; now I have understanding. It wasn't until we bounced our site's content off clients (our intended target) to make sure we weren't talking to ourselves that I caught us doing what we save others from doing. We had to get out to see in.


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