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Is that for here or to-go?

We expect portability. Coffee. Pull up. Get it done. Drive away. Banking. Meals. Dry cleaning. It makes sense, then, portability should extend to content online. If I see it, I should be able to take it someplace else. My browser lets me send whole webpages (or a link to them) with a keystroke.

What if your messaging was portable? If that was possible, a consumer could lift your message and place it in an email, embed it on his My Space. Is your messaging something that connects on that level? Does it create a value-transfer that would even stir that idea?

MTV recently made it possible to embed videos it plays. You can plug in some code to your site or HTML-friendly email and BAM, you have a video--just like the one below. Cool,eh?

Even cooler would be placing content on your site consumers would find valuable enough to share. It would then be possible for your messaging to work here or to-go.

If you haven't seen it, by the way, here's a fun one by Brad Paisley:



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