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Gaining by giving away

Rb02 Lifespan marks the difference between opinion and wisdom. What is peddled at timeless wisdom is frequently short-lived opinion. Brilliance like, "the internet will never replace yellow pages," is nearly as laughable as the line taken against broadcasting baseball; owners feared no one would come if they could watch or listen to it at home for free.

Video on the web is seen as that kind of threat today by legacy media operators because they see it as "a zero sum game." When, in fact, quite the opposite is true: we're more likely to visit a television show once we've seen a clip or two online according to Freakonomics in the New York Times.

The evidence is unambiguous: giving away a taste online works just like sampling at the supermarket. Let's stipulate this principle works best when the sample authentically reflects the full experience. The fact is, once online viewers have a pleasing taste experience, they'll seek out more.

"Facts are stubborn things," according to Ronald Reagan. So is wisdom.

Once you understand the role online video plays in building viewership, it's not a leap to believe that same principle applies to drawing people in your front door. The nuts and bolts of composition, content, length, style matter too--and I'll touch on them later. For now, though, it's more important you see the contribution of involvement. Like direct mail, once you cause a visitor to become involved, response rate increases; you get longer visits, more inquiries. Involvement begets familiarity; familiarity begets customer contentment. And, that's wisdom you can take to the bank.

Effective use of video on your website is no longer a luxury. A store tour, staff introduction, product use tips--they all contribute to building familiarity with your customers. MogerMedia's online video specialists can help you build an effective online relationship. Ask me about it.


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