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Sunday Detours: where did she go?

The fate of Amelia Earhart remains one of aviation's greatest unsolved mysteries. Her flight plan called for her to land on Howland Island--a dot in the pacific--early on the morning of July 2, 1937.

There are three primary theories of what happened next. Some even claim to have spotted what remains of her plane via satellite. Meanwhile, the search continues.

A collection of links to more follows the "continue reading" link.

What does this have to do with advertising? Maybe when there's a definitive answer to this search there will also be a definitive answer to what happens with that other wasted half of your advertising dollar. Maybe.

Where Is Amelia Earhart?—Three Theories

Searching for Amelia Earhart V: Return to Nikumaroro

The Search for Amelia Earhart: An interview with Dr. Tom King

Books on Amelia Earhart

Sunday detours are the result of unmapped wanderings. Unlike Amelia Earhart, I am less fearful of running out of gas than I am running out of bandwidth. Hope you enjoy the ride.


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