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Forever the king

I remember the day he passed away. I was traveling with my dad in the south. The world there came to a stop. Being a young punk at the time, I didn't understand it. Over the years that changed. I grew to appreciate the enormity of all he had, how he used it, and all that was left unused. Preparing to blow out all 49 of the candles my kids crammed onto a cake they baked themselves, each little flame joins the rest to give a mighty glow. What we see in that light is a matter of personal choice. I look at their pride filled eyes and smile, understanding that to them I am the king. It's my birthday and I say, let Elvis play:

Click the continued reading link for Elvis in '56 and '77. The body may have aged and life taken it's toll, but the talent never faded.

Long live the King.


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