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Dispatch from the next wave

Set aside your politics. Last Tuesday signaled more than a sweeping shift of power in our Capital. It represented an long-predicted turn in social thought.*  Whether you agree or not, the fundamentals are shifting as we enter an age of civic responsibility. 

In her "Open apology to boomers everywhere," Heather Havrilesky speaks from the heart of what's driving this shift, where it's going, and its hopeful outcome. She is an alpha-voice signaling a changing of the guard to those still unaware.

Dismissive head shaking won't reverse this sea change any more than salmon have turned rivers over centuries of swimming upstream. Pour yourself a big cup of BE REAL and wrap your brain around this watershed moment: we're selling in a new market. Changes in the rules of engagement are profound.

Listen to automobile ads of yesteryear; Dinah Shore proding us to "See the USA in a Chevrolet." Quaint, ain't it? Look around, you're on the road to Quaintville unless you reorient your advertising GPS to the redrawn buying map of your customers.

It's called "Ad Speak" and is Douay-Rheims Bible foreign to your customers. Their preferred language is authentic, natural, and relevant. Speaking it connects and draws customers to you. But, simply masking an old-school pitch under a sheet of these words isn't enough. Becoming relevant demands a ground-up re-engineering of your branding. 

Learn more. Contact MogerMedia. And, for those not ready to let go of ad-speak: Hurry, this is a limited-time offer, certain restrictions apply, void where prohibited. Supplies are limited. Open Sunday with wide spacious aisles and lots of smiles. Plenty of free parking. Free hot dogs for the kids. Ugh. Retiring  tired, empty words brings relief--and better results. Click here to connect with the next wave as it arrives.

* Click here to see how long these changes were seen coming. Better get another cup of BE REAL first.


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