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It's only beer, isn't it?

And, you're only selling a product or service. Right?

Impact is a function of relevance. This one speaks to the spirit in every human, placing beer at the pinnacle of Maslow's hierarchy as an artifact of human actualization. True, it seems a stretch when your left-brain takes over and thinks about it logically. But, effective advertising sneaks in through the right with intriguing abstract ideas, a sweet treat for the mind. Does your advertising do that?

How long does it take you to figure out what he's talking about? The time taken doing so pry open the door to your right brain to stir your thinking before the left can say, "It's only beer, isn't it?"

Sadly, you're unlikely to see an ad for a local store or service company even try to do this. It wouldn't have a chance of client approval. Where's the logo? The phone number? Website? There's not even a mention of the product, never mind a call to action. Uh-huh. With one viewing, I'll bet you're still thinking about Guinness. It's sticks in the mind.

How long does a "fall clearance sale" ad stick? Sorry, flaccid offers only make the climb to awareness and influence steeper. Advertising centered your business priorities alone can't possibly equal the impact of one appealing to the inner-greatness of your customer.

Every one of your customers aspires to greatness on one level or another--it's human nature. Being relevant to their innate aspiration earns your entry to deeper thought and purchase influence.

Magnetizing your advertising this way eliminates a need to push customers. When your advertising helps customers feel a sense of aspirational fulfillment, it instead pulls them to you. Want to know how? Click here and contact MogerMedia.

( Link to ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2K0ys8sACY )


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