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Timeless sentiment more timely than ever

It's not everyday you'll find me agreeing with The New York Times. The review below, however, is spot-on right: the Alister Sims version of A Christmas Carol is not only the standard by which all such efforts should be judged. It is more timely with its message of greed winning out over morality.This time next week, we'll be wishing one and all Merry Christmas.... Merry Christmas, everyone.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The scrooges at The New York Times have pulled down the embeddable version of this review. You can see it now by clicking here. Restricting access to compelling content is legacy media think that has the Times on the precipice of irrelevance. 

This is half of a Christmas  double-feature at my house every year. What's the second feature? You'll have ask my daughter Zuzu. Or, just click the link below to see the sweetest part of that film.

After watching nine of the best minutes in American cinema, gain added insight here


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