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You are the star of your own story

You are writing a story everyday. Just like a book or movie, what determines hit or miss is story; no story, no game. Here's the good news: there's a story in every one of us. How is yours being told?

My mom taught me the power of story first-hand. She bought a roadside ice cream and hot dog joint and sold it years later for top dollar. She gave it a name, Grandma's Kitchen, and built an institution drawing customers from Montreal and Boston to the mountains of New Hampshire. Her success recipe: an authentic story, served warm on a platter of welcome. 

A couple weeks ago I watched a chef at work during a dinner at Vine Wine Room--my favorite hangout. Listening to him, I smiled hearing echoes of my mother. His story was a sequel to one I'd already heard from her.  "People do business with people they like," she told me. Be likable. Be successful.

Connecting authentically one-to-one on a larger scale is the idea behind client profile videos we're building for sponsors of Tom Tynan's HomeShow Radio new website (goes live 1/10/09). I only now realize they're based on what worked 35 years ago on Route 3 in Whitefield, New Hampshire. 

Your story, told authenticity, is compelling. It creates a human connection. Alan O'Neill of Abacus Plumbing needed no explanation. He gets the person-to-person principle on a bone-deep level. I'm betting that's why he's experiencing record growth while competitors are flat to down this year. How's your story working for you? 


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