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Happy Birthday Mac

Today marks the Mac's 25th birthday. It seems an appropriate moment for a clinic on presenting new ideas by Steve Jobs. His annual keynote addresses have made Steve Jobs a superstar; perhaps too big a star for his company's good. We'll see how that unfolds. 

To commemorate the birthday of his first wave of change in our lives, here's a video of his first Mac keynote. Listen to how he explains in human terms products we now take for granted. Is this how you speak with your customers? Say what you will about Apple, everyone agrees: they're cool and make hip products. 

Given the current uncertainty about Steve Jobs' health and how far he's taken Apple since first unveiling of the Mac, this video takes us to a land long ago and far away.

Never the shrinking violet, here's one of Jobs introducing the now-legendary 1984 ad. It ran once. That's all it took. 


Fast forward to his introduction of the iPod in 2001 years later as a midway point of his leadership along our collective journey of technological transformation. 

And, the introduction of the iMac. 2006. It came with "lots of memory." 32 meg. Wow. They come today with at least two-gig.


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