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Pledges without performance is poseur authenticity

A collection of celebrities pledging to replace their absurdly fancy cars with absurdly expensive hybrids, to stop drinking bottled water, and smile more is aimed to leading viewers to fall in lockstep behind our new president. Yes WE can.

It's inspiring at first. After a few moments, though, I wonder how many will see this and say, "show me." How many of these pledges will live beyond the light and the camera's sight? Call my cynical. Just don't call me that all by myself. 

This poseur authenticity rings hollow because it lacks proof. I believe they mean it. I believe my kids really want to clean their rooms too. I also know the difference between "we can" and "we did." In another six months, will this mark a grand beginning, or culmination of a marketing campaign? Let's check back then and find out. 

In the meantime, collect the pledges you're making in your ads and set to work fulfilling them. Capture proof and feed that back. Like the country song says, "When I said I do I meant I would." 

Saying is easy. Doing is hard. Proving is sweet. 


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