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TypePad downgraded themselves this week

TypePad taught me something new this week: they shouldn't be my only recommend for blogging services.

They took an evangelist and turned me into a mere customer. It's a story that has me wondering if there are places I'm downshifting customers too. Perhaps you are too.

I've long been a fan and user of TypePad for my blog development projects. While it has some limitations, its elegance has made it a more user-friendly choice for my clients. That changed this week.

Ever forgotten a password? Who hasn't. It's why sites assist you by either reminding you of or resetting your password(s). This week my addled 50-plus brain blanked out on my TypePad password. I submitted the assistance form to reset. I got nothing. Tried again. Nothing. Wrote tech support. They suggested I check my SPAM filter. Did. Nothing. Wrote again. Two days later, same response. Wrote AGAIN. This time someone writes back, "I tried it and it works for me. Check with your email provider." Heh?

Elegance is irrelevant if basic support doesn't back it up. TypePad (and its parent firm Six Apart) has traditionally shined in both the elegance and tech support areas. My experience this week tells me something has changed. I found no mechanism for escalating my support issue. I found no "feedback" loop on tech support replies: I couldn't respond to TypePad's messages. Instead, I had to restart and restate the situations EVERY time. There's no excuse for this.

I once recommended TypePad without qualification. I can no longer do that. I will include them on a potential solution provider list, but there will be at least one other option  going forward.

It's a lesson I shouldn't have had to learn. TypePad downgraded my willingness to endorse them. It left me wondering, if that's happening at my own firm. It should leave you wondering the same about yours.


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